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Black VegFest Is Coming and It’s the Intersectional Vegan Festival of Our Dreams






World's First "Black VegFest" Debuts in August

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World’s First ‘BlackVegFest’ Comes to Bedford Stuyvesant this August



VegfestUK supporting Black Vegfest 2018 in Brooklyn, New York City

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Black Veg: How A Plant-Based Diet Saved Brooklyn Borough Prez, Eric L. Adams

Black VegFest Comes to Brooklyn

Black VegFest

G.A.ME and Brooklyn BP Eric L. Adams Presents Black VegFest

For Immediate Release

March 6, 2018

Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) has teamed up with Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams to present the first annual Black VegFest in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday August 11, 2018. The event begins at 10AM and finishes at 5PM. Event-goers will enter the auditorium at 1958 Fulton Street between Ralph and Howard Avenues, office building of G.A.ME, Inc. The entrances to the street and school yard are located on Herkimer at Ralph and Howard Avenues.

Black VegFest is a free and open vegan festival where everyone is welcome to experience delicious vegan or plant-based food, fitness routines, life skills and creative arts. Black VegFest intends to spark discussion about inequality through workshops and panels. Black VegFest uses compassion and intersectionality to examine our lives through conversations around health, racism, sexism, gender-bias and animal welfare. The difference between Black VegFest and most vegan festivals is its unwavering commitment to the black community in all facets of life. Black VegFest is our way of expanding the dialogue around veganism and energizing residents of Brooklyn around a multitude of issues we face every day.

Black VegFest activities and discussions include fitness geared for kids, martial arts seminars, plant-based food and smoothie demos, talks on nutrition, animal rights advocacy, panels on battling mental illness, and live performances. 

Event-goers may register online at Eventbrite and choose between the options of free public ticket(s), making a tax-deductible donation for surprise goodie bags, or purchasing a Black VegFest T-shirt with our logo which comes with a surprise goodie bag and fitness/health classes. All proceeds go towards G.A.ME’s focus of preventing violence against youth through leadership training, fitness and health programs. 

G.A.ME has been developing youth and art programs 16 years. G.A.ME’s purpose with Black VegFest is to educate, activate and mobilize people around the ethics and personal needs of veganism. Nutrition expert, author of An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism, champion fighter and organizer of the festival Omowale Adewale said, “Black VegFest is an opportunity to bring more awareness about veganism to the black community in hopes of helping more become proactive in leading healthier lives.”

Since going vegan and witnessing the remarkable health results Borough President Eric L. Adams has convened numerous vegan events in Brooklyn before joining Black VegFest. The BP represents 2.6 million people thus becoming one of the nation’s leading voices for veganism. BP Adams said, “A plant-based diet saved my life. I have never felt better and more in control of my health. It is now my mission to show my fellow Brooklynites that food can be our medicine. Black VegFest will help spread that important message through our borough and beyond.” 

In addition to the BP’s amazing support, members of the vegan community have endorsed Black VegFest including Vegan SoulFest another black vegan festival with five years of success, Veg Corp with festivals in NYC, CA and AZ, Vegan Street Fair (NY,CA, NV, WA), Texas VegFest, Hudson Valley VegFest (NY), Philly Vegan POP Flea Market (PA), Indy VegFest, Low Country VegFest (SC), MidWest Vegan Fest (WI), Asheville VegFest (NC), Southwest VegFest (AZ), SoCal VegFest (CA), SWFL Veg Fest (FL), Atlanta Veg Fest, Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland, Vegan Action, Voters for Animal Rights, The Institute for Animal Happiness, Chilis On Wheels and our international friends VegfestUK, Yogific and Satvik Vegan Society (formerly Indian Vegan Society).

Businesses or individuals interested in vending or for sponsorship opportunities at Black VegFest please contact G.A.ME’s Bedford-Stuyvesant office at 718-618-0533 or

For media inquiries: