Details on Volunteering at Black VegFest

No experience necessary.

Benefits of Volunteering at Black VegFest 

All volunteers who volunteer will receive a tote bag with awesome items. 

Volunteers who help for 4 hours will receive a free small meal and at least tote bag.

Volunteers who help the entire event will receive a one of a kind Black VegFest shirt, free meal and tote bag.

Selective dedicated volunteers will receive all of the above and an additional gift package.


Event Runners- These are the coordinators and the busiest volunteers. Being familiar with various stations.

Kids Area- Organizing areas based on age and rides. Helping children receive snacks and food samples. Overseeing safety concerns and bringing them to security or the organizers.

Indoor/Outdoor Stages- Assist presenters and organizers with needs in the staging areas.

Food/Kitchen- Help presenters with food preparation where necessary, including maintenance of kitchen supplies, bringing supplies and serving attendees.

Ticket Table- Collect and provide information, programs and tickets. Direct entering and exiting attendees.

Safety Monitors- You work in concert with security and help direct attendee traffic. Maintain safe experience.

Setup- Help prepare for attendees, presenters and vendors.

Clean Up- During BVF and after we need a team to help tidy up.

Sign-Up below and book training. Any questions email