Black VegFest 2019 - August 10-11

Black VegFest 2019

Community Soup Kitchen


On Christmas Day - Dec. 25th

Stop by Locks of Nu Natural Hair Spa

@ 2000 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11233

Bedstuy 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


Tickets on sale Dec. 3rd

Bedstuy 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

April 27-28, 2019 (Spring Break)

Brevoort Housing (Ralph Ave.) Brooklyn

100% Vegan Vendors

All Genders

Ages: 11-13, 14-17 and 18 & Up

3-Player Teams + 1-Substitute

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Share with us your proof of purchase to Vegan Karaoke Night OR your donation of $25 or more and you pay only $5.00 to the 2nd Annual Black VegFest happening at Lincoln Terrace Park August 10th-11th, 2019

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Why Black VegFest [August 11, 2018]


Black People & Resistance

To see yourself is a wonderful feeling. It breeds hope, euphoria and positive vibrations to see another Black vegan. Black Vegfest is an event to nurture and support first year vegans and provide opportunities and new realities for veteran vegans.

Black Vegfest is also a homage to Black August. August is a month Black people dedicate to our freedom fighters and our collective fight against oppression: Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born August 17, 1887.

Intersectionality is addressing those causes and issues we have in common and are most passionate about. Like specieism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, etc.

Be and come as you are. All are welcome at the Black Vegfest.

Black Vegfest

Veganism Means No Exploitation of Animals

This event is about the animals. And, it's about the living. 

Are you critical of how women of color are treated throughout the world and of how farm animals are mutilated to look like food? This is your Black Vegfest. 

Expose yourself to how your clothing is made possible or how your accessories were made using animal exploitation. 

Introduce your children to the criticisms of food and the calls and actions of JUST food.

Black Vegfest is about veganism and how we transition from old customs to new lifestyles with new information.


Black VegFest calls for POC & Women Involvement

Black VegFest was started by Omowale Adewale an international speaker on veganism. Omowale saw a disconnect with seeing few Black and POC speakers. There was a lack of multi-cultural influences and not enough broad discussions around intersectionality. 

Black VegFest is the vegfest that addresses cultural influences in our cuisine and the socio-economic and political issues that influence our lives as we advocate for JUST living for animals.

We want presentations by POC and women. 

We want white vegans, especially those with significant platforms and resources to support POCs. 

Local white vegans should also request to present. 



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Black VegFest organized by G.A.ME Inc.

1958 Fulton St., Brooklyn, New York, New York 11233, United States