Black VegFest 2019 - August 10-11

Black VegFest AfterParty LIMITED GUESTLIST! ONLY $5.00

Speaker Line-up


Hosted Fred “Doc” Beasley

Music by DJ DP One 


Welcome to Black VegFest 10am 

Omowale Adewale, Francis Pena, Nadia Muyeeb 


Vegan Intersectionality Organizing 11am 

KR Vargas, Jerin Arifa & Sala Cyril 


SunnStarrr 11:50am


Black & Fit 12:25pm 

Jehina Malik, Ramona Adelle Cadogan, Scott Bernard 


DJ DP One Set


Black Vegan Authors 1pm 

Brooklyn BP Eric L. Adams 1:30pm 

Abioseh Cole 1:40pm


Cynthia King Dance Studio 2pm 

Hands Up plus B-Boy set 


Debra Diane-Musician 2:20pm


Osiris Wildfire 2:40pm


Philly Stallone 3pm

Grey 4pm


Individual & Community Building 

Cathy Ramos 11am

Upgrade Yourself: Naturally Vegan 

Transition Method


Aph Ko 11:40am

Animal Liberation/ Black Veganism as Political Framework (Via SKYPE)


Mark Torres/The People’s Party 12:20pm Community Organizing 


KR Vargas 1pm 

Nannies, Rancheros y Comida: A Queer Latinx Perspective on Veganism 


Seba Johnson 1:40pm

A Vegan Since Birth’s Experience As a Two-Time Olympian and Her Activism During & Since Making History 


Jerin Arifa 2:20pm

Undocumented but Unafraid: Turning Obstacles to Opportunities and Helping Others Along the Way 


Sala Cyril/Allison Aguttu (MXGM) 


Let’s Build A Nation: How are Nationhood and Self-Determination Relevant to Us Right Now 


Will Tucker 3:40pm 

America’s Vegan Trainer Protein Propaganda 


Ayoola White 4:20pm

Vegan 101: How to Transition to a 

Vegan lifestyle (affordable, culturally affirming and enjoyable)


Mental & Physical Wellness

Pauline Stephens 11am 

Self Discovery Meditation


Lena Di 12pm 

Power Yoga & Meditation 


Samantha Bailey 1PM

Eczema, Allergies & Asthma

3 of the Most Common Childhood 

Afflictions w/ the Easiest Cure 


Natasha Dezonie 2pm 

Healing Multi-Generational Trauma: The Holistic 

Approach to Mental Health Care 


Lena Di 3pm HIIT Yoga Fusion 


Rahama Wright 4pm Clean & Ethical Beauty 

All Day Food Demonstrations 

Patricia Drew 11:45am Raw Lasagna 


Andrea Aliseda 12:30pm 

Ceviche Taquitos For a Healthy Gut 


Danielle C. Henry 1:15pm 

Let’s Talk Food Curry Chickpeas & Quinoa (w/ Cucumber Mint & Ginger Juice 


Pauline Stephens 2pm

Jamaican Jerk Jack Fruit 


Orvel Douglas 2:45pm

Benefits of A Fruitarian Lifestyle 


Latisha Ashley 3:30pm Heart Beet Juice 


Chandra Lee 4:15pm Chocolate Avocado Hazelnut Coconut Pudding 


Black VegFest Map

Details are all included. Attendees may contact for more information.